If you are in need of transcribing your recordings, Jireh Administrative Services is here to help. Whether you have a seminar, meeting, need to record your thoughts and comments in real-time, or simply don’t like to type, we offer a very affordable service for putting your voice into text.

Simply send your digital recording via email or send us a link to your recording (such as an Adobe Connect recording for example) with instructions on how you would like your recording transcribed. If you do not have your recording in a digital format, you can also mail your recorded tape. Please call 361.212.7843 for more details.

Transcription rates are based on per-minute of clear quality audio

  • 1 Speaker – $0.85
  • 2 Speakers – $0.95
  • 3 Speakers: Not Tracked* – $1.10
  • 3 Speakers: Tracked** – $1.35
  • 4 Speakers: Not Tracked* – $1.35
  • 4 Speakers: Tracked** – $1.60
  • 5+ Speakers: Not Tracked* – $1.60
  • 5+ Speakers: Tracked** – $2.25

Some audio may require additional surcharges depending on certain variables. These variables are indicated below and are in addition to the normal rates:

Moderate background noise throughout duration of audio; soft or muffled voices – $0.10
Significant background noise; voices difficult to hear – $0.25
Light to moderate accents – $0.10
Strong accents – $0.25
Transcribing per verbatim(+) – $0.25

* If you do not wish for your speakers to be tracked individually, the speakers will be referred to with generic identities, such as Male/Female, Interviewer/Interviewee, Moderator/Respondent, etc.

** Individual speakers will be tracked with terms such as Male 1, Male 2, Female 1, Female 2. If names are provided we can track the speakers by name: Robert, James, Lisa, Debbie, etc.

(+) Includes ums, uhs, ahs, and stuttering.