Resume Rewrite

If you have a resume written, but you feel you need to have it rewritten and professionally formatted, this is the package for you. We will review your resume for formatting, grammar, action words, accomplishments, and content that should be removed. Your resume will also be reviewed and written for the industry that you are seeking employment in. We will also rearrange the content of your resume if necessary and communicate any changes, suggestions, or any questions that may arise when rewriting your resume.

The Resume Rewrite Package includes:

  • Phone interview. (Or in person if you are local)
  • Resume Questionnaire
  • Resume is rewritten and professionally formatted with current job, education, etc.
  • Upon review and final approval, your resume is saved in Word, PDF and ASCII formats and e-mailed to you.
  • All resume packages include FREE LIFETIME STORAGE… in case your dog eats your resume again.

Price: $125.00

Options can be added to any package, including: Printed copies of resume, CD/DVD back up, cover letters, and resume submission assistance.